Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Westinghouse

So Shawn found a good deal on an LCD monitor this last weekend, and thus we have taken the first steps into a new century. You can read about it HERE.

In other news, it FINALLY rained at our house this morning. So the windows (we had 3 of them replaced over the summer), did well--no leaks from what we can tell. AND our rain barrel is full again--Yay for watering plants again!!!!

Not a whole lot else is happening. My yearly performance review at work was postponed until the end of this week, which, damn, I was hoping to get it over with. But hopefully it will go well (my supervisor already implied as such), and it will be a good start to the long weekend. Also, my parents should be back from their cruise next Wednesday...and I can't wait for dad to put up all the photos. :P

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Dani said...

yeah I just did my review thingy today... I'm a star or studd... I can't tell