Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What I do when I'm bored...

I look for cheap houses that aren't completely run down (think houses that were in the middle of a remodel when the owner had to foreclose so the house is in complete disrepair). The best part about me looking at these houses: I don't know why I do it--It's not like we're going to get a different house, and if we did, I doubt we'd go for houses smaller than ours (ours is 1250 sq ft).

Today's finds:

4806 Peach Grove Court, 1093 sq ft for $98,900


5424 Walnut Grove Dr, 1271 sq ft for $94,900

And, being me, I already checked to see if they were in the floodplain--they aren't. This is, Of course not to say that there aren't other nice houses, because there are. They just tend to be in the Onion Creek Neighborhood and Hornsby Bend (Austin's Colony) areas...which I want to say may be more affected by floodplains, but don't quote me on that...that's why the City has this nifty difty floodplain viewer.


The Spiteful Chef said...

What's very sad is that Austin is lovely, those homes are near-livable (with the exception of tinyness), and are under 100k. The houses we were looking at in Lone Tree last week were around 450k, and they were both reasonably sized and in our target location. So in 18 months, God willing we get sent to Colorado pleasepleasepleaseplease, we'll be shelling out enough money for three houses in Austin. Plus an apartment. Motherfuck.

Dani said...

You are an odd creature my dear. But I love you anyways. best of luck finding what you're not searching for :)