Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Jesus Wear

I had a coworker once who mentioned that she thought it was idiocy to give people anything other than plain onesies for their babies because onesies are something that all babies can wear all the time. Shawn took this one step further and said he didn't see a reason for onesies even. He would have the kids wearing "Baby Jesus Wear" (TM circle, C circle, whatever).

Baby Jesus Wear is created thusly:
  • go out and buy (or find, or steal, basically somehow acquire) a hand towel
  • Fold towel in half (hamburger wise)
  • cut a hole in the fold. Make sure it's big enough for baby's head to fit through. You may find cutting an X easier than estimating your kid's giant noggin.
  • Slip towel over baby's head.
  • Secure below arms (the actual plan is to use rope of some sort, but if that scares you, you can use velcro, or safety pins, or duct tape).
  • Voila! Baby Jesus Wear. Now you have an outfit that the baby can make a complete mess out of and you won't really care because it's just some old towel you had laying around. That and you always have something handy to wipe spit up/drool.
  • ADDED BONUS: Depending on how messed up the towel gets, you could have the kid wearing the same towel for years--it would go from being dress like to being more like a shirt. Then all you have to do is fashion pants of some sort. Don't worry, I'm sure this would be fashioned out of a towel or something similar as well. Possibly a pillow case.
So yes, IF we ever have kids, no need to give us any sort of clothing, a nice set of towels will do wonderfully.

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The Spiteful Chef said...

Awesome. Simply awesome.