Sunday, June 27, 2010

Katina, P.E.

I found out 2 weeks or so ago that I had indeed passed the professional engineering exam. I knew this because a) I had checked scores on the Texas P.E. board website, and b) they had emailed me saying that I needed to get my rubber stamp. In that email, they stated that they would be mailing out snail mail letters and everyone needed to be on the lookout for them.

This is the order in which I received the snail mail letters (and indeed the postmarks show that they were mailed in this order):
  • 8x10 license (this is the thing you're supposed to frame and hang in your office. like a doctor, only not.)
  • wallet sized pocket card
and finally
  • Dear Examinee, we are pleased to inform you that you made a passing score on the April P.E. exam...
Now then, maybe it's just me, but I find it odd that the "Congratulations! You passed the test!" letter was the last one sent. Partially because in the letter it says to be on the look out for the other 2 snail mails which will arrive within the next few weeks. The other two snail mails which I received the day before.

Odd, that.


Sample letters said...
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Annie in Austin said...

Congrats- this is a big deal! Still remember how excited our son was when passed the PE in IL and how proud we were... bet that's happening, too ;-]