Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Adventures in Home Ec

Bond has an overabundance of cayenne peppers from her garden so she brought them all in to work for everyone to share. At the end of the day, there were still like 17 peppers left so I decided I'd go ahead and take them, surely I'd find some use for them.

A few days later, Bond mentioned that she had been using the peppers to make some hot sauce and it was neon orange. And thus I had an idea of what to do with the peppers. Make hot sauce. I figured that since Shawn is so into spicy foods that he'd at least appreciate it.

I make the recipe as Bond had given it to me-- Cut off the tops of cayenne peppers, add them to boiling vinegar, wait a bit, add salt and sugar, add to blender...Wait, we don't have a blender...Well Crap. So I decide to let it cool off in the pot for a while before adding it to my plastic food processor. Shawn says that I should just use the stick blender we have.

After attempting this, we learned some very important lessons: The reason why you need this in a blender, or in something with a lid is because A) it will splatter, and B) it's heated through spicy peppers, you idiot.

Yeah, we effectively sprayed ourselves with pepper spray.

As we're standing there in the kitchen coughing, sneezing and eyes watering, Shawn suggests that maybe I ought to just let it cool down and then I can put it in the plastic food processor, which has a lid. Yes, well, duh.

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