Saturday, August 07, 2010

Adventurous New Recipes

Earlier this week I took a day off, and Shawn had said that, as Sprouts was having a really good deal on Mahi Mahi, that I should buy some. He promised he would cook it since I have a rule that I do not eat fish, and therefore I will not cook fish. Shawn has told me that the problem isn't the fish, the problem is the type of fish I've always had (fish sticks and trout). I promised that, if he did indeed cook fish, that I would at least try it.

And I actually liked it! I don't think I liked it nearly as much as the CATS liked it, though -- I've never had to fight Quazi away from my dinner plate so forcefully before. Shawn of course kept claiming that he ruined it because he glazed the glaze for too long and so it was more of a gelatinous goo rather than glaze. But otherwise I thought it was perfectly fine. And as I said, the cats thought it was more than perfectly fine.

And I guess this is a plus as Ivy has the habit of not drinking enough water, and I found that I can trick her into drinking water if I put some fish in it.


Ross said...

Good choice on the mahi mahi, it's definitely my favorite fish.

The Spiteful Chef said...

I also do not eat fish. Not even mahi mahi (FREEE mahi mahi!). I do eat raw tuna, though. It's like a cross between a melon and a steak. You should try it if you haven't.

Dani said...

I'm a fan of Mahi Mahi, tuna, and Salmon...glad you gave it try and that the cats liked it :)

katina said...

Kristie: I don't like fish either, but it was good enough that as long as I didn't think about the fact that it was fish, it was okay. Last night I had ruby trout which was also good (but it was done by a fancy restaurant and it was breaded, fried and came with tartar sauce). Even then, I still didn't finish all of it and once again, i had to keep telling myself it was chicken instead of fish.