Thursday, April 28, 2011


Shawn: Whatcha reading?
Me: An article about how to take better
. This guy says that everyone
should read their user manual.

I agree. And you never read the
one that came with your camera.

It's a Canon Rebel XTI, I figure it's close
enough to the film Rebel that I didn't need
to re-read the manual.

I'm just saying that I read the
manual for your camera and you didn't.

A few days later when I pulled the manual out to read it:

Shawn! Quick! we need to call the Pope!
What? Why?
Because you've performed a miracle and
we should let him know so you might be
canonized one day.

You managed to read the user's manual
for my camera without opening the packaging
that the manual came in. That's a miracle!

1 comment:

Dani said...

lol. what was the Pope's responds to this recent miracle? I believe Shawn has to preform two more to be cannized... and be died for x amount of years.