Saturday, January 28, 2012

Random Thoughts

1.  I'm still stewing over the republican debate from like 2 weeks ago - you know, the one where Gingrich got all bent out of whack because the moderator was asking him about whether he actually asked his second wife for an open marriage?  Yeah.  That one.  In his 'answer' he said that he didn't think it was a valid question to ask.  I'm sorry, but if you ever mention "defending the sanctity of marriage" as one of your tenets for becoming president, then yes, you asking your second wife for an open marriage is a perfectly valid question to ask.  We'll ignore the fact that you have been married 3 times*, and admitted to cheating on 2 of the three.  Which, by the way, degrade the sanctity of marriage much more than allowing homosexual persons to get married.
* I don't care if you get divorced, I don't think it makes you a bad person, nor do I think you should be punished for it, but again, I'm just using the republican talking point against them.

2.  Let's ignore the whole Stop Online Piracy Act (as it is currently off the table), but if SOPA had passed, I'm sure you'd be able to get my blog shut down for me posting a picture that has been passed around Facebook (not to mention that Facebook would be shut down) for the last couple of weeks.  The picture I'm talking about is of course this one:   

3.  Where the hell can I get myself a shit load of Girl Scout cookies? Because I have never wanted to support them more than I do right now.

4.  Sorry my blog has been so political recently (besides, I figure if you're reading my blog, it really isn't for my entries on republican candidates, but then, you probably also aren't reading this thing for my rapier wit.  Perhaps I shall distract you with a picture of my diabetic cat (a cat, whose blood sugar was at 61 this evening so we didn't give him a shot).  Yes, that will do, sugar cat, that will do.


Jon said...

I have to admit that you are way more into the political stuff than I. The circus that has been the Republican campaign trail, so far, just leaves me slack-jawed and drooling (like most of the candidates), so I avoid watching those stupid egg-throwing matches thay put on , every 3 days or so (I can't really call them "debates" because I have never seen a real debate where people talked over each other and shouted each other down, like that).

Keep an eye on the scoundrels for me, and let me know when the shit is heading for the fan!

katina said...

Oh don't get me wrong - the most I see of the debates is what the fake news shows me (Colbert Report and Daily Show).

Roberta said...

I loves me my Girl Scout cookies!!!!

The Spiteful Chef said...

I love your politics, Katina (my sugar kat).

Dani said...

LOL you make me laugh. Love the picture of my favorite Grand Nephew Kitty :)