Thursday, February 02, 2012

Shutterbug: Birds

Foreground:  American Finch
Background:  House Finch

For those of you who don't know what size that is, a House Finch is roughly the same size as the common house sparrow.

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-At the Fair
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-At the Cook-off
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-Going Nuts
-Yard Art
-Up Close and Personal
-Pet Tricks
-Water Towers
-Night Photography

I have also realized that chances are likely that some of these I'll never get around to - like At the Cook-off or At the Fair  - mostly because I don't go to those things.  So I may remove them and add some more new challenges.


Bond said...

No! You can't skip them! Just be creative. You could've taken a picture at the City job fair for "At the Fair". Did you take any pictures of the desserts at the Christmas party? That was a bona-fide cook-off!

lon said...

great pic!