Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cook Club

At some point during the last few weeks, I had the brilliant idea that every weekend I should make a meal from recipes I've never made in my cookbooks.  I mentioned something about it on facebook - mostly because the original idea was "I should do this on the weekends that my dad is in town so he can come up here and have a good meal...well, if I'm going to have him over, I might as well have others over, too." The recommendation from Jon Grinder was that this thing be called "Cook Club."  Also, yes, I realize that this is like the entire premise of Julie and Julia only she was going through 1 cookbook - I'm using all of them with no goal of getting all the way through one, just a goal of actually using them.

I've brought it up at work, and the going theory is, once a month is good, every week may be a bit much.  So it looks like it will mostly be a Shawn and me thing and others may be invited over every once in a while (or if you want to come over some specific weekend, just let me know)

In any case, Cook Club 1) gives me something to do, 2) gets me to try new foods (kinda), 3) gets me taking pictures again...though I'm not a foodie and I don't 'get' pictures of food unless they're supposed to be educational and 4) gives me something to blog about.

Anyway...Allez Cuisine!

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