Monday, January 21, 2013

Molecular Gastronomy

For Christmas, my sister got Shawn a molecular gastronomy kit.  Shawn decided it was time to make something.  I present to you spherized drinkable yogurt (you can call them smoothie balls if you want):
Step 1:  Make your Sodium Alginate bath using your stick blender.  Find out that your stick blender is busted.  WONDERFUL!
Step 2:  Prepare your yogurt smoothie - add some Calcium Lactate and mix with spoon until dissolved.
Step 3: Drop teaspoons of the smoothie into the alginate bath.
Step 4: Wait.
Step 5: Fish balls out of alginate bath with slotted spoon and transfer to a water bath (to rinse).
Step 6: Yay! Yogurt smoothie balls!
Now then, you do have to be careful when adding the spoonfuls of smoothie to the alginate bath because if you don't get it all in in one fell swoop you end up with weird shapes...I can't quite decide if they look more like pink cat turds or little organs from a small animal.

Pink cat turds or pink organs?  either way, it's spherification gone wrong.

Enjoy your pink cat turds!

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