Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Banned while pregnant

So then, as everyone knows, Lon and Daniella are having a Lima Bean (aka a baby) (Note: "Lima Bean" should probably be replaced now as the baby looks like a real baby)(Note: Said Lima Bean is now approximately 2 pounds in weight).

Listeriosis: Bacterial infection, relatively rare, causes abortion, stillbirth and preterm labor. Usually associated with unpasteurized dairy products, occurances in pasteurized products are usually in plain ol' milk.

Toxoplasmosis: Parasitic infection, causes serious eye or brain damage at birth. May also be a cause of schizophrenia (or perhaps schizophrenics are more likely to get toxoplasmosis). If you've had toxo before, you've got an immunity to it, ergo there is only concern if the mother contracts toxo for the first time during pregnancy. are some foods that are forbidden when pregnant with a Lima Bean and why:

Raw meat (is this usually a problem?)--Listeriosis
unwashed raw vegetables--Listeriosis
raw milk/raw milk products--Listeriosis
Feta, Brie, Camembert, Bleu cheeses--Listeriosis
delicatessen foods (unless reheated)--Listeriosis
Leftover/ready to eat foods (ie Hotdogs) (unless reheated to 'steaming hot')--Listeriosis
raw or undercooked meat (again) especially pork, lamb, and venison--Toxoplasmosis
drinking water infected with toxo (untreated drinking water)--Toxoplasmosis
raw or unpasteurized milk and milk products (again) especially goat's milk--Toxoplasmosis
unwashed vegetables (again!)--Toxoplasmosis
salt-cured or smoked or dried meat--Toxoplasmosis

Things banned while pregnant:
cleaning cat litterboxes--Toxoplasmosis (note: only cats that have killed a rodent or bird infected with toxo within the past month will have the parasite)
gardening--Toxoplasmosis (stray cats could have used the area as a litterbox)
sand boxes--Toxoplasmosis (see above)
Of course, in all the cases above you can do them, but use disposable gloves and wash your hands immediately afterwards. And above all else, DO NOT put your unwashed hands in your mouth.

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Dani said...

yummy lime beans.... did you know that some pregant women get cravings for the smell of soap (or other cleaning smells) and it means they are lacking something in their diet?