Thursday, July 20, 2006

Flood Pictures!

Yay! I found flood pictures at, I figure that I shall post them here, because you're interested right? If you want to get an idea of where each of these were taken, click Here

Here is a picture of Shoal Creek after the 1981 flood. The car lot is between 5th and 6th on Lamar Blvd. In this picture, the photographer is standing on 5th street looking towards 6th.

The Blue Line on the building shows the high water mark (about 7 feet) for the 1981 flood. This building was the original Whole Foods Market. It was located at 10th and Lamar. It is now the home of Cheapo Discs. Cheapo Discs was flooded with about 3 feet of water in 2001.

1935 flood overtops Congress Bridge. the picture is taken from the south side of the river. You can see the capital building in the background.

1915 Waller Creek (?) probably around 12th and Waterloo park.


Dani said...

new blog please!

katina said...

What? You don't like looking at flood pictures? It's my job BABY!