Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Veronica Mars Season 2

No no no, we haven't finished the season yet, in fact we just watched episode 13 last night, so we're half way through the season. But, my thoughts:

Donut needs to leave. I think he's probably a good actor, but the powers that be want him to be mysterious...which just makes him seem psychotic. Besides, all I can think of when V and D are together are how they just act like they're the sex scene...ick. (btw, Donut does least he's gone right now. yay!)

Logan and Veronica need to get back together. This is mostly because I love how they're so witty with each other...alright, they don't really need to get back together, they just need to be friends again and hang out.

I dislike the Wallace and Jackie thing...I like the Wallace and Jane thing.

Awww! Beaver and Mac are so cute together. Too bad she was switched at birth with an 02er baby, and he's a psycho.

I like Weevil...except that his name is "Weevil"...I mean come on...but at least it's better than "Thumper".

And Keith and Lamb and Vic and Cliff...why they just sell the show...and they make it awesome.

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