Tuesday, November 14, 2006

ah yes, what a glorious weekend

So, I decided I ought to take monday and tuesday off (in addition to having friday off for veteran's day), and thus turn my 2 day weekend into a 5 day weekend. And it is glorious!

Friday, I didn't do anything...or rather, the only thing I really accomplished was getting the $20 I promised to Daniella to her...I ended up spending 3 hours over there...hey man, she's bored--she's just sitting at home watching TV all day.

Saturday through Sunday, Shawn and I went backpacking at Pedernales Falls. It was pretty cool. Pictures should be posted soon.

Monday, I finished painting the guest bedroom/drum room...finally, it's only been a year and a half since I started painting the damn room! And I cleaned up some--did laundry, did dishes, that type of stuff.

and today, today I have the goal of getting my hair cut--well trimmed really. I want to donate my hair to "wigs for kids" or "locks of love" and so I figure I better go make sure that my hair is actually in good shape and whatnot. I also should finish the laundry, finish the dishes, and finish putting away all of our stuff from backpacking...woo!

right, well, ta ta for now!

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