Monday, November 06, 2006

God I hate the doctor's office

so then, as I mentioned quite some time ago (almost a year to be exact), I hate the doctor's office. I normally only go when I'm healthy and all the test results come back saying that I'm sick. AND just so you know, that goes the other way as well--I go in when I'm sick, the tests say I'm healthy. For example, I woke up this morning and said "hunh, my bladder feels funny...I wonder if I have a bladder infection..." then I go to the bathroom and decide "yes, yes I have a bladder infection." so I call in sick to work and make a doctor's appointment. They set an appointment for 2pm. I get to the appointment and go pee in a cup (because that's what they have you do). and the test results come back that I've got too much water in my the tests can't find any bacteria, thus there is no proof I have a bladder infection. Stupid. So the doctor told me to come back later if I get the other symptoms of a bladder infection. Otherwise, we're done here. blah. stupid body and it's stupid reaction to the stupid doctor office. Stupid.

In other news, I found out that one of the guys I went to college with (and was one of Shawn's biking buddies) who is a model (you've seen him in ads for American Eagle--he's the one on the right in the add above), is now in a commercial for Gain laundry detergent. so now I have to watch commercials to see if I can spot him...damn commercials, I have a mythTV for a I don't have to be subjected to watching commercials.

In the real news there was a threat at one of the local highschools. They dont know anything about it...don't know if it was a Columbine thing, or if it was a Wisconsin school thing...but whatever.

Also, I love Heroes. If not only because I can watch the episodes Online after they air. one less thing for me to record on the MythTV.

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hope you feel better