Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Gah, I've done it again!

GAH! so I was talking to mom on the phone this evening while driving home from work. She was telling me about how my sister is "moving" out. It seems to be quite the long move. She's had an apartment, but hasn't moved all of her stuff over there yet. Don't get me wrong, she's LIVING in her apartment, just ALL of her furniture is at mom and dad's. Mom says that they're going to help move the furniture, but dad says that she has to have all the small stuff out of the house before he'll help with the furniture.

In anycase, Dani was visiting at Mom and Dad's while I was on the phone with Mom. So Mom, of course, had me talk to her. I told her that she had to pack all the small stuff in boxes because there is nothing more annoying than trying to help someone move who obviously isn't ready to have their stuff moved. Mostly because you're sitting around waiting for things to be thrown haphazardly into boxes instead of moving all the damn stuff onto a truck. I mean, if you dont' want to put the stuff in boxes, at least put everything in large trash bags....but get the stuff ready to move before you start to move for christ's sake! But anyhow, I started telling her this and she was like ":::sigh:::: [now this means that she's pissed off]. Well, have a good one, Katina." Click. Yep...she's mad at me. Sorry DaniBani.

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Dani said...

I'm not horrible mad at you... i just had a really really rough day. and the last thing I wanted to be told was that I'm lazy. sorry I overacted.. it wasn't you... it was me-- or at least that day!