Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving dinner

my initial statement and question: "hmm, thanksgiving is this week. you want a, what should we have for side dishes?"

Shawn's in-depth and highly complex answer: "jello"

And the rest of the conversation is as follows:
"alright, what type of jello?"

"I don't know, strawberry?"

"No, I don't mean what flavor, I mean what type--like lime with cream cheese and marshmallows, or cherry with fruit, or strawberry with whipped cream?"

"Why's it got to have extra stuff in it?"

"Because it's Thanksgiving."

"You know, just because it's Thanksgiving doesn't mean it has to be difficult."

"right, well, what else should we have for food?"

"we've already got potatoes...and a box of stuffing...and biscuits...and jello...."

"yeah, I know, but that's all easy stuff, what else should we have?"

" pie?"

"Ah yes, apple pie! That's kinda difficult...or not difficult but time consuming. Okay, now we're good."

"you know..."

"yes, I know, just because it's Thanksgiving doesn't mean it has to be difficult."


Anonymous said...

Good Grief. Do you and Shawn really have that boring of conversations like this?

katina said...

hmm, well, I suppose it's a question of what's boring. Shawn loves to talk about why he should or shouldn't get a certain heat sink for a CPU...and that conversation went on for about 20 minutes. And I like to talk about the various TV shows that I like to watch, or about various trivia bits I learned about movies...and those conversations go on for about 20 minutes as, as I said, it depends on what you consider boring.

Dani said...

Katina-- I love you :) differcult meal just because it's thanksgiving-- I hate to say it but that almost sounds like mom. :)

Ross said...

Haha, I have an unnecessarily complicated sweet potato pie recipe I need to send your way then :)