Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fish and Vistors... know the saying. My in-laws left this morning for the 18 hour drive back to colorado. They were here from Sunday afternoon to Saturday morning. and I didn't get as homicidal as I do when I'm with them 24/7. So, that is good.

However, their stay started out with me being at Bond's house making goodies for the bake sale we had for charity at work on monday. When I got home, their van was parked in the driveway...on my side. In front of the open garage door. showing an empty garage. now then, logic would then dictate that the empty garage meant that I wasn't home. And so, I pull into the driveway behind Shawn's truck and think to myself "and so it begins." I walk in the house and I hear "HELL WO" gah!!!!!! but then I was regaled with a story about how they originally parked on the street in front of the house, but the neighbor backed into the van and it's broken, it's busted, it cannot be driven. I go out and look at the van. The neighbor has backed into the van and broken the driver side rear-view mirror. Not a big deal. But apparently big enough for them to never park in front of the house EVER again. This means that everytime they come visit, I will have to park on the street instead (or behind shawn's car, which is only possible if he gets home before me, which he normally doesn't). DAMMIT I WANT MY GARAGE PARKING SPACE BACK! But, on the plus side, it was the one thing they broke this time, and they didn't throw hot coffee on our cat...which is also good.

and this is my biggest complaint...the lack of indoor parking for myself. and, as I said I never got to the point where I was thinking of ways to off them and make it look like an accident. so, either I'm making progress, or they're becoming better about not pissing me off.

But the other funny things I found out:

They can't sit in the backseat of my car. Or rather, they can sit in the backseat, they just can't figure out how to buckle their seatbelts. Must not turn around and buckle them in, they are 60-year-old grown adults, they can figure out their own damn seatbelt...even if we do have to wait for 5 minutes for them to figure it out.

Elsie calls more when she's in-town than when she's out of town. She called Shawn at work at least one time a day every day. I'm glad she didn't call me. I would have probably not answered the phone after the first day.

They tell us to not worry about the cost of food on a menu at a restaurant. This probably would have made more sense if we had eaten at a restaurant that cost more than $6 a plate...

AND don't ever let them sleep on the couches ever again. It's not that it's annoying because you have to be extra quiet in the morning, or that they will wake you up every time they start snoring, but it's annoying because when they're sleeping on the couches, it means that the cats CAN'T sleep on the couches...which means they sleep with us. Which is annoying because then I end up with two 12 pound cats sleeping on my head and on my chest. Not fun.

But as I said, our lives can return to normal...they're gone. Now then, time for the party.


Dani said...

you conveniced me... I'm marrying an orphan!

MEPHISTO said...

oh come on their not that bad

katina said...

No, you're right, they're not that bad. It's just that I haven't spent the last 25 years with them, thus their quirks drive me nuts. Much how my parents' quirks drive my husband nuts but I'm like "meh. whatever." then, run away, run away!