Thursday, October 05, 2006


So I figure I should post SOMETHING because I haven't blogged in a while. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to blog about--work is going well (Although I've been frustrated this week with my supervisor), life is good (the bachelor started again, so I have friends again! YAY!!!), and a shit-load of new TV shows are to be watched...Thus there's not a lot to blog about--or rather, there's probably really TONS to blog about, but I'm just too lazy. Stupid laziness.

hmmm....Let's see something to blog about...

Shawn and I went to see the Lima Bean. She's pretty cute for a newborn...And just so you know, holding her for an hour didn't make me want to have one--it just made my arm tired.

Cousin David was in town last weekend. We didn't get to hang out, but we did talk on the phone for about an hour--it was nice to talk to him. We normally don't see each other often, and we definitely never talk on the phone. (the picture to the left is of Cousin David and Aunt Lynn dancing at my wedding).

Bond loved the pictures of her in Colorado. I knew she would.

And due to frustration with computers at work this morning, I would like to announce that Bill Gates is the Devil.

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Dani said...

Bill Gates Devil... that will be my new insult for everyone!