Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Baby Name Wizard

No, we're not having a baby. Ross got me hooked on a website a while back, and so I started reading more about the actual book and then had the stupid, stupid thought "wow, that's pretty cool, I should get the book." And thus, I have bought the book...I also got a "how to make stuffed animals" book too so that I can make something for Baby Colison. The book is such a let down...maybe it's a let down because it really is just another baby name book and it doesn't explain the science of what research went into it, or it doesn't explain why people sometimes choose mates that begin with the same letters...or even why parents that have twins always seem to name the kids with names that all begin with the same letter. But anyhow, I'm disappointed. They don't even have my name in it. :(

Names that go with Danielle: Nicole, Erica, Amanda, Rachel, Stephanie, Derek, Jeremy, Sean, Travis, Adam

Names that go with Mary: Margaret, Catherine, Martha, Rosa, Anne, John, Charles, George, Edward, Paul

Names that go with James: Mary, Elizabeth, Anne, Camilla, Charlotte, Robert, William, Thomas, Phillip, John


Dani said...

I'm sorry I can no longer talk to you... your name is not on my list.

Ross said...

Is Bort in there?