Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Wall in the Shower

So, I'm going to blog about the wall in the shower. Boring you may say. But, au contraire mon frer. The wall is marble...therefore it's got the funny little feather lines in it. These lines can be imagined to draw know, like how you can see things in clouds. I will post a picture later (I have to figure out how to get my camera all hooked up and downloading pictures while using this crazy new OS called "Vista"---mwah ha ha ha, that's right, Shawn's got a Developer's license for Vista so he gets to play with it at home to try to find bugs and whatnot.). But, back to the issue at hand, I want to know if it's a funky drawing of Spain, Italy, and Greece, or if it's a drawing of California, Baja, and Central America. As I said...later.

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