Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stories of Airports and Snow

yeah yeah, so Shawn and I didn't go anywhere this year (which isn't true, we went over to the Lima Bean's house...she's so much cuter now that she can hold her own damn head up). BUT that doesn't mean that we haven't heard endless stories of travel travails.

My dad was stuck in North Carolina (?) because he couldn't get back to Colorado...but hey, Carolina is better than Jersey.

Everyone in Colorado was stuck in their house.

One of my coworkers was stuck at the Austin Airport for 10 hours because she missed her first flight to Chicago...the flight didn't even have to go through Denver...just straight through to Chicago...but I guess Chicago was on a 4 hour flight delay because of fog.

And we...why we weren't stuck at all! yay for mild climates!

As far as Christmas presents go, we got quite a few nifty things...things like a 750 piece "solve the mystery" puzzle, which we solved the puzzle, and managed to solve the mystery without the "key evidence"...but then, I think the clues and the lab reports and what other crap they gave you really gave the whole thing away...not nearly as hard as the puzzles Mom used to buy us. We also got like $125 in movie gift, we's goin' to the movies! And I got a nice outfit from Mom. She had Dani help her, but it's all good, the clothes fit and everyone at work said they looked nice. I got a nifty's for my iPod...which I've taken to calling my ip-odd instead of my "na-new, na-new." That's all for now...I'll post a pic of the puzzle later so that the fam can use it to make their version of said puzzle.

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Jon said...

Yeah, well, I drove straight through from Tennessee (I made a surprise appearance at my parent's house for Christmas) to Denver (18-1/2 hours) just to beat the damn storm. Apparently the authorities were following behind me, closing I70 as I passed.

Good to be home though. And what's so intemperate about 36 inches of snow, anyway?