Sunday, December 03, 2006

So, you know how I said

that Shawn had built me a new computer with all the stuff that he bought the day after Thanksgiving? And how I needed a new computer because the only thing I could do on my old one was surf the web? Yeah, well, funny story: Since shawn is obsessed with Linux (what's a linux?) he decided to install Sabayon on my computer (as well as Windows). And now, for some reason, he can't connect to the internet--nevermind the fact that it connected perfectly fine to the internet last night. And this is why I hate computers...

In other news, my in-laws decided that we (us and his parents) should all throw some money in and get my sister-in-law and her husband one big present (combined for their birthdays and Christmas). This is perfectly fine with me...the only problem is that we had already gone out and bought Christina her Christmas presents...which we can keep one of them til next Christmas, but I'm worried about keeping the one that Shawn chose because I think the stuff may not be good if we wait a I guess it will become a birthday present maybe? but then I feel like we should get Nathan something to open as well...oy vey...see the problem with going shopping the day after Thanksgiving?

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