Friday, April 13, 2007


So, I'm lazy and I haven't blogged in a while...sorry.

Let's see...nothing all that exciting has been happening to me. Work has been slow, but it all of the sudden picked up yesterday afternoon and today (I didn't get to play on the internet once--not even to check my email!). Tomorrow is the National Instruments Company that will I don't know. It seems like we go to these things to get the food, but then we have to hang out to see the fireworks.

On Sunday we may go hiking with my coworkers along the Barton Springs greenbelt. We've never really been though we do hike from Spyglass Road to Zilker Park because I do horribly with parking when there are lots of cars, thus it's just easier to walk a mile and a half...each way. God I'm such a dork.

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