Friday, April 27, 2007

What's a Title?

A marathon meeting today...and it wasn't even very marathon-y...or bad really. It just made me angry because the people that should have come to the meeting didn't. So thank God for Todd. He saved the day because he is awesome.

We had happy hour at Gingerman's. You should go because it is awesome.

Want to know something funny? 101x plays songs that are non-censored (okay, they will censor out the really bad words, but "Goddamn" is fair, as is "Ass Crack"), and KissFM censors them...I think they're trying to make me feel bad about cussing when I sing along with the songs. IT'S FALLOUT BOY, COME ON! the average age of their fans is 12!

And you should read all the stuff about American Idol and their fund-raising on Reality Blurred (link in my favorite links to the right)

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