Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Oh...My....God! :::Stabs fork in eye::::

That's right...I'm stabbing a fork in my eye. I'm in training for the first half of the week. and it is the most boring training i have ever been to. EVER!

This training is on the same level as the one day in physics class...the day the teacher decided that he had to find the precise center of gravity for a 2x4 and instead of just getting it to kinda balance and saying "well kids, you have the idea," he spent about three quarters of the class time refining the balancing of said 2x4. About 5 minutes before the end of class, one of the students stood up and yelled "why don't you actually do some teaching or something?!?!?" before running out of the classroom screaming (and, in light of the VT thing, I'm just really glad he didn't have a gun).

But this training...same thing basically. The guy will get done with something about 15 minutes early and then he spends the next 20 minutes talking about how great it is that we're done 15 minutes early. Then he looks at the clock and says "my, look at the time! Okay everyone, let's cut our break from 15 minutes down to 10 minutes so we can get back on schedule." yeah, it sucks.

We did go to the NI company picnic on saturday. It was cold. And windy. Which made it even colder. We only stayed for about 2 hours. So, in other words, we hung around until after dinner then we beat a hasty retreat because we were frozen people-sickles.

Then we went hiking with Matt and Ross on Sunday. It was a little more than 7 miles. Good thing it was down hill because my legs started hurting at about mile 6. We then went and ate at the Shady Grove. Shawn says that he likes Austin Java better. At least the Shady Grove did well in making sure that his hamburger was done correctly (medium well, no pickles, no onions, no mustard--you'd be surprised how many places screw this up...especially the mustard). They did poorly in making sure the soda machine had enough syrup, the fact that they added fries to Shawn's order even though he didn't ask for them (and they charged us for it). But we didn't complain because the waitress forgot to add our drinks to the bill so they ended up being free. yay for free drinks!

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Ross said...

Sorry the training still sucks! Thanks for going hiking, and thanks for the invite to Shady Grove!