Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stupid Williamson County Cops

I got pulled over and given a written warning. For having a brake light out. Now then, in Colorado, the cops usually pull you over and give you a verbal warning that your brake light is out. I mean really, how the hell are you going to know that your brake light is out? So anyhow, she decides that she's got to give me a written warning. So she goes off to write the warning ticket. She comes back and gives me my written warning. I look at it. The warning is for a Defective Brake Light (duh) and because my license-plate-holder-on-doohickey is partially covering the word "Texas" (uh, okay...?) I get home, and check. The very top of the letters is covered, as in you can still tell the "T" is a "T"--You can still obviously see that it says "Texas". Bah. stupid Williamson County Cops. I could understand if I was speeding or doing anything else that was really illegal. I mean when she turned on her lights, Shawn's first reaction was "did you not stop at the stop sign?" "uh, no, i did, i even waited the full 3 seconds." "well you weren't speeding, if anything you were going under." "no, not speeding." "hunh...well, don't take off your seat belt."

I would have gone and gotten the light bulb so I could fix my brake light, but it was quota day and we passed at least 3 cops getting into the neighborhood. We didn't want to press our luck so we came home instead. Of course the light won't get fixed until the weekend though...Watch, I'll get pulled over by the same cop for the same brake light violation tomorrow.


Ross said...

D'oh! I wonder if it was the same cop that pulled Todd over? At least you didn't have Cole in the car to get you in even hotter water :)

Jon said...
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Jon said...

As we say here at GrinderBikes World Headquarters, "FTP!"