Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Other things that are fun

So, last Saturday I said that I like the movies in Zilker Park thing.

Another thing I decided I like--going out with friends to sixth street (or in this case, people I barely know that work with Shawn). yep. especially if you go somewhere where you can talk...for example, sitting in front of the TV at Logan's is not a good place to talk to people as the stupid speakers are blaring in your ear. By the way, those people know their amp goes to 11, and always set it at that level. DAMN YOU!!!! However, the Library is fun. Though they put too much alcohol in your drink (wait, what am I saying? I'm complaining about a bar putting too much alcohol in an alcoholic drink? weird).

Things that are not fun: replacing a toilet when your floor is concrete and you're using a new fangled design that requires you to drill holes in your floor and then use concrete anchors. On the plus side: it only took us 2 days to get the toilet in. Though I claim we could have done it in one--but we had to leave to go do the bar crawl as mentioned above.

Also, I like Heroes. And Criminal Minds. Season Finale's are within the next week for both. Watch them.

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