Tuesday, May 29, 2007

uh, yeah...that's mine

so the other day I was lounging in one of the chairs in the intern area talking with Todd and intern Charlie. I believe we were discussing the BLT lovers club (pretty much the 2nd and 4th wednesday of the month a group of us go out to a restaurant and eat BLTs. We then review them and score them so eventually, we shall know the best place to get a BLT). John walked over and so we started discussing how Freddie's claims they use Texas Toast when, in fact, it is just regular sliced white bread. Anyhow, I'm talking with these three gents for about 10 minutes or so and John leaves, and Karol comes by. The first thing she says "better cover yourself up there, Tina. You're showing some boob."

I think I turned bright red.

Then I looked down.

My shirt had slid down and to the side a little. And I am now, quite possibly showing off my wonderfully lovely nappy old white bra-ed right breast. I only say "quite possibly" because I don't know what can be seen from in front of me--I only know that from me looking down, and from where Karol was standing (to the left of me) that it was quite obvious that my boob was showing.

And thus, I had been talking with intern Charlie and Todd and John for God knows how long with my right boob showing. Yeah...I was red. well, everyone else had a good laugh. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Haha, that's pretty damn funny! Even funnier that Karol was the first person to say something...

Jon said...

I once walked the entire length of the main hallway in my highschool with the tail of a red flannel shirt (pre Cobain, I might add) sticking out of the open fly of my Wrangler jeans.

Anonymous said...

poor Katina. it's like you're asking for it or something.