Monday, June 30, 2008

Crazy Fun...not at work

So, Bond asked me to blog EVERY DAY I was away from work. Apparently she thinks I am going to be leading a much more intriguing and fascinating time away from work than I am.

So. Shall we begin?

Saturday: Finished reading Harry Potter 5.
Sunday: Grocery Shopping, Watched "Wanted" at the movie theater, started Harry Potter 6.
Monday: finished Harry Potter 6.

Yep. Riveting.

And I think I'll make French Onion Soup and Baba Ganoush tonight.

Tomorrow's plans involve going downtown with Jamie for "Canada Day" whatever that is. Hopefully it will involve Mexican Freetail Bats and SnoBeach.

Thursday's plans involve going to work to get my vegetables...and then getting them to Colleen somehow.

Yep. Riveting.

1 comment:

bond said...

It is riveting! I need to read more books. I read an ariticle about how reading stuff online rots your brain. Thankfully the article was in a magazine and not online!

Sam really missed you at work. He came to talk to me because all the "cool" people were gone from that end of the office.