Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Television II

Now I remember what I was going to blog about! (and no, it wasn't about the TV shows we're now watching, that's just what happens when I remember there was something I wanted to blog about, but just can't remember what)

I wanted to blog about our TV stand.

For a while now (probably ever since we got the new living room furniture) I've wanted to get a new TV stand. Preferably something that went with the credenza, or more likely, finding two new pieces to replace both the stand and the credenza. I finally got Shawn convinced that we ought to get something new...something to perhaps hold all of our electronic equipment as right now the stereo receiver and the speakers are sitting on the floor next to the TV stand. He, as he is wont, started researching and price comparing, and measuring this, and lamenting about that. Ultimately, he decided that they did not make a TV stand that would do for less than $1000, and therefore he was going to build it himself.

Now then, it doesn't surprise me that he would want to build it himself. He is perfectly capable of building a 30" tall, three partitioned, two shelved TV stand.

The part that surprised me was that the reason why he has to build this TV stand --the normal TV stands do not have the center partition wide enough to handle a 19" center speaker.

A center speaker we do not own.

A center speaker that is meant to be used in conjunction with surround sound.

Which we also do not own.

Now then, I know most of you would say "hey, I think he's trying to tell you something...and that something would be that he wants surround sound."

But you're wrong.

We already tried to figure out HOW we would set up surround sound--the main problem being that our TV is not centered in the living room, so it's at a 30* angle from the couch. Which would make the surround sound not very surround-y. Sigh. next thing you know, he'll be saying we need to get a new house so we can put in surround sound.

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