Monday, July 13, 2009

More Vacation

So much has happened since we took the Yellowstone vacation. For example, there was the week of work (not bad since everyone wanted to know stuff about Yellowstone), and then the week of training. I swear if Hell froze over, it couldn't be colder than the training room we were in. I was cold enough that my coworker who took the same training ended up giving me his jacket so I would stop shivering. And I was wearing pants, long sleeved shirts, and my jacket already. I seriously thought about bringing a hat. Then I took The Test. The Test not being the P.E. (which I do have to take at some point in the near future), but being the CFM test.

So, there you have it. I am now a Certified Floodplain Manager. Which doesn't necessarily mean anything. I guess it makes me more marketable if I want to get a job somewhere else, but it doesn't get me a pay raise or anything (like the P.E. will).

Then there were 4 days of work (it was the week of the Fourth, after all).

Then I went to happy hour where I found out everyone has smoked, or otherwise partook of the nicotine. Well, that and they told me to go back to Yankeeville.

Of course, they said that because (!!) Shawn and I were about to embark on another vacation. One to the East Coast to burn some more of his copious amounts of vacation time, plus it coincided nicely with going to his cousin's wedding.

The trip started out with me getting home at 10 at night and then having to clean and pack for the trip, so we didn't go to bed until 130 am. Which is only a problem because we had to get up at 430 to make our flight. Oddly, we did the same thing on the trip back...though that time we stayed up late because of the aforementioned wedding.

Pictures coming soon. I ended up having to delete some of them mid-trip because on Thursday Shawn looked at the camera and said "hunh, you only have 32 pictures left before the card is full." Which means there are like 450 pictures or so on my camera alone...which actually does mean something since we went to the DC zoo and only used my camera.


The Spiteful Chef said...

all you do is fucking vacation, you lucky slag

katina said...

well, we do have to do our part to keep the economy going. However, vacations are expensive, and I think Shawn's going to mandate that we not spend another night in a hotel until after the new year.