Monday, July 13, 2009

Cook's Illustrated

Back in the day (before Christmas, because it's the reason why I got a Dutch Oven as my Christmas present from Shawn), I had ordered a Cook's Illustrated book called "The Best Restaurant Recipes". I ordered the book because i have a weakness for cookbooks. I rarely ever use them, yet I love to look through them and what have you--I've got multiple cookbooks with pages marked of things I'd like to try. And I'm sure the librarians out there (or the ones raised by librarians) would be appalled to find out that I routinely make notes in my cook books--usually they're along the lines of whether the food was good, or suggestions for changes. I've actually made a couple of things out of said cookbook though (lamb ragu and shepherd's pie come to mind), and they've been pretty good (though I think the lamb ragu would be better with ground lamb...and I still need to make the Osso Buco, which was the reason I got the book in the first place).

The only problem I have with Cook's Illustrated is that they always send you crap. Crap as in unsolicited cookbooks. They usually send a little postcard first so you can send it back with the check next to "Please do not send me this cookbook", but if you forget to send that postcard, or you don't get it back to them in time, they will send you said cookbook. You have something like a free 21 day trial before you either have to pay for it or send it back. I'm guessing that most people are too lazy to send the book back (they at least give you a pre-paid packing slip), and end up paying for the book.

Anyhow, what a long way to say that I didn't ever see the postcard this time around, and so it came as a shock that I received a copy of "The Best Skillet Meals" in the mail the other day (or rather, it was during the vacation, but still, it was a surprise). I thumbed through the book and it seems like they have some good recipes--a baked ziti, a different recipe for shepherd's pie, and pad thai all look very good. So it seems that I will have to make some of these items before I have to send the book back. Maybe I'll even do a food review like Eric did on Kristie's blog. And I only say that these reviews will turn out more like Eric's reviews because I don't know anything about food other than whether I like it, and whether I find it easy to make.

Also, if any of you loyal readers (so in other words, the people that I actually know and have met face to face) want a Cook's Illustrated book, just let me know and I'll order it for you (I of course expect to be paid at cost) so you don't get all this propaganda.

I feel like such a drug dealer. Well then, I think I may need to get some black boots.

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Anonymous said...

So this is that a blog is?

What a waste of energy.

But thanks for the tip on C.I.'s habit of sending unsolicited books.

One came today. I've not opened it.

I'm gonna send it back.