Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Overheard at work

A conversation at work today (blue is me, orange is the ex-marine, and purple is the innocent, church-going, non-drug-doing girl):

Why are you dressed so preppy?

I'm not dressed preppy.

Yes you are.

Yeah, the top half is preppy, the bottom half is cowboy.

You should have gone for black boots instead of the brown

But the important thing is whether or not your belt matches your boots.

Yes, all my accessories match. And I can't wear black boots. I don't like them.

They're boots, what's not to like?

Drug dealers wear black boots.

They do?

Well, I feel like a drug dealer when I wear black boots.

Psh, mine wears sneakers.

Oh, well then, never mind.


dave said...

I used to work for a drug dealer. No joke - he wore flip flops.

lon said...

To tell you the truth, I never notice what kind of shoes my drug dealer wears. I am usually running too late for church to bother looking. Have a great Christmas and New years guys!

Jon said...

Mine wears Crocs. And a "Physician's Assistant" name plate.