Saturday, December 22, 2007

Trail of Lights

Colleen, her boyfriend (Justin) and I did the Trail of Lights 5k this year. That's right, I actually did some form of 'race'. Involving running. Something I swore I'd never do after my second-to-last-finish in the 500-meter sprint in 6th grade.

We went, we got hot (it was 70 and for whatever reason the three of us decided to dress like it was 50), Justin took off his shirt, then he put on a different shirt and the crowd cheered (No, really, the crowd cheered). Then we wandered around until we found a place that seemed like it was people lining up for the race.

We sang the national anthem. The singer screwed up and repeated a verse twice. Then they sounded the horn. 10 minutes later we started to move. Like the herd of cattle we were. 10 minutes after that we finally got to the starting line. We couldn't run because there were too many people, kids, strollers, dogs, and people wrapped up like presents. By the time we got 200 yards from the start line, people were already finishing the race.

We walked some more because we were in a huge crowd and we couldn't run. We saw road kill. You would have figured Parks would have picked up the dead animals before the race.

We finished the first mile. We walked the trail of lights and Colleen took pictures. We got to the end of the trail (end of 2nd mile), and then went "eh, doing a 5k is tough, let's just go back to the tree."

Yeah, we're still working on finishing that last 1500 meters.


Ross said...

It's awesome that you actually took the "trippy" glasses with you on the run!

dave said...

The road kill probably happened during the race. One of the larger people ahead of you must have hit it.