Saturday, December 22, 2007

A modified Chrismakuh

It sucks when Christmas is on a Tuesday. Okay, it doesn't ever suck when you're a kid or otherwise in school because you always have the week after Christmas off. However, when you're a grownup and you have to work, it sucks when Christmas is in the middle of the week because how are you supposed to play with all the toys you got?

This year, for example, has Christmas falling on a Tuesday. This means, obviously, that Christmas Eve is on Monday. We get both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off. So, we, in essence, have a 4 day weekend.

And you can't open gifts until the last day.

Well, isn't that just a downer for the weekend?

Of course, this doesn't affect me as much because I doubt I got anything that is something I'll be horribly sad about if I don't have 4 unadulterated days to play with. Shawn, however, bought himself a new laptop. And then mandated that it was his Christmas present. And then further mandated that he would not play with it until Christmas. Then he went and looked at a calendar.

Then the bargaining started: Maybe we could open just ONE gift before know, maybe on Friday night. So I relented. I opened one of the many DVD shaped packages, and Shawn went straight for his laptop. He's been installing ArchLinux and Fedora on it for the last 18 hours. He even got up at 8am today so he could play some more.

Sigh. He's like a kid on (4-days-before) Christmas morning.


lon said...

"He's been installing ArchLinux and Fedora on it for the last 18 hours" Umm, yeah Linux is way better than Windows! Merry early Christmas guys!

dave said...

"And you can't open gifts until the last day"


Isn't that like saying "you can't have cookies before dinner"?
You're consenting adults, you can do whatever you want. That's my gift to you. Merry Christmas.

Dani said...

your husband is silly. Between this and not allowing you to open up your jumping jack nutcracker before the tree was up, begs me to think you married a rule abiding individual... what's up with that?