Thursday, February 08, 2007


God, it seems like such a long time since I blogged, and yet, it's only been like a week or so. meh.

So, on Spreng Bling Bling, Amy mentioned something a while back "thou shalt not blog about work" and it's so funny because it's true...I may blog about something that happened at work, but even if it's something that pissed me off, it's all self-censored. You know, just in case one of the people at work decided to read my blog (aside: Ross reads my blog, he's a coworker, BUT he's also my friend. Besides, I'm not so worried about him getting me fired...or firing me for that matter).

So then, a blog about home....let's see...Ah, the Superbowl! we went to Lon and Daniella's for said Game. I got pissed, unnecessarily I might add, that the Bears lost. AND the commercials weren't all that great. But I did like the commercial where there was a hitchhiker with an ax and a case of Bud Light. Yeah, that one was awesome...and I don't really remember any other ones...oh wait, the robot that works for Ford. Yes, I liked that one, I got all sad for the Robot...but really, how were all the Ford recent Lay-off-ees supposed to feel about that commercial?

OH and this morning, little butt (aka Quazi) had a hair stuck in his, well, little butt. So I got to get up at 6 in the morning and go clean up after him. Yeah, that was fun...almost as much fun as you reading it just now I bet. :)

So, let's see...I will end on something other than poop this week...Oh OH OH, I know!!!! tonight is the premier of Survivor: Fiji....AND The Amazing Race All Stars starts the sunday following valentine's day, WHICH is also a 3 day weekend for me. WEEEEE!!!!!!!


Jon said...

I only watched Prince, at half-time. "Are yew ready fer sum fut-baawl?!"

Ross said...

I'm in your blogz, scanning your posts ;) Not to worry, if you blog about work stuff I'll keep it under my hat.