Saturday, February 03, 2007

Baby Baby....oh Baby Baby

So, I just got back from Mrs. Poochie's baby shower. It was fun, and we played completely different games than during Daniella's baby shower. This time, we did "baby price is right", "what's the flavor?" and "guess how fat the pregnant lady is." Just so you know, apparently all of us think Mrs. Poochie is fatter than she really is. AND the only one that was close was Miss Sarah...but she cheated--she's pregnant too and so she just measured around herself. YOU CHEATER!!!! just kidding. I like Miss Sarah. She's sweet.

Mrs. Poochie showing off her belly to some of the other girls.

Miss Sarah measuring herself:

Dani and Ma-belle:

Yeah, Micaela, that's the Banana Flavor...ick:

And Here's the blanket I made...

1 comment:

Dani said...

I think these ladies are lying about being pregant... I don't see anything. And your blanket is very very cute... even if its for a gay cowboy baby.