Friday, February 16, 2007

no tv and no beer make homer something something

So, as Mephisto pointed out, I watch too much TV...but for the record, the only part of the grammy's that I watched was from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' performance (God, Anthony Kiedis looks like he's gaining some weight...which I mean, it's about damn time, the man is almost 45) to the end (what was that Dixie Chic wearing? Never mind, they show her husband more frequently than they show her...ah, Adrian Pasdar....).

Other things I've done this week: Started and finished a book, and continued to work on Miss Sarah's baby project. The goal for the rest of the week: Clean the damn house--there be people comin' over next weekend.

Also, the stuff for Shawn's new computer arrived, so he's been working on that all night...we took a quick break to go get food and a new dry-erase board with magnets (yay for magnets!)

At work, we've started up our annual field work extravaganza again. WEEEE!!!!! I like field work. On tuesday we got to drive around in the hoitie toitie neighborhood. and on thursday i got to freeze because it was so freaking cold (but no where near as cold as New York) least it wasn't raining.


Mephisto said...

I was just making an observation, by the way, she is a dixie "chick" ONE chick is still a "chick" not a "chic", also just an observation, something to promulgate on

Dani said...

makes homer go crazy?
do mind if I do! whoa wha heehee
great title for this one :)

katina said...

Yeah, I picked up on the chic vs chick thing the first time I wrote the entry, but mozilla crashed, so i had to re-write it and didn't catch it the second time around...but, I can say that based off of the dress she was wearing, she is not a chic chick in particular.

Jon said...

At least she's not Jack Chick...