Saturday, October 27, 2007

and I shall deem it "Blue"

My new car is here!!!! it's exciting, no? Unfortunately, however, it is a stick shift and I cannot drive stick. Thus I am relegated to driving around the neighborhood for about 20 minutes at a time and trying not to stall out while at stop signs.

Good news though, I've only stalled out like 3 times. And one of those times is because I took my feet off the pedals BEFORE turning off the car. And this, I know, is just a bad habit from driving automatics--I always want to make sure the car isn't going to move before I turn it off, so I take my feet off the pedals while the car is running. The other times were at stop signs--the first time the guy behind me was nice and didn't honk...though I think it was pretty obvious something was up because it was nighttime and when you pull the key out of the ignition, it will bring up the dome light, and when you start the car it turns off the dome light...and I've got another bad habit of when my car dies, I will turn it off and take the key out of the ignition (thus why my dome light turned on). The last time I stalled out was this morning and it was because I freak out that someone is going to be behind me at a stop sign so I try to start out without giving the car enough gas, thus the stall. And that lady was a dirty bitch and honked. Bitch.

I will post pictures when I'm not being a lazy butt.

The paper signing only took an hour and a half. And that included turning in the satan saturn. Sadly, we only got $500 for it because the dealership said they weren't going to sell it...actually the salesguy told it would probably be taken to Mexico. He did not elaborate past that.

The only "extra" we got was the extended warranty. And we only got that because I said "these are the things that went wrong with the Saturn in the first 5 years that I owned it: Alternator, Battery, Tensioner, Transmission, and Starter" To which, Shawn replied "yes, but the car is 12 years old and that's only what's gone wrong in the last 5 years" But still, we got the extended warranty (7 yrs 80k miles)...besides they were having a sale on the warranties...and when the Honda service guys charge $90/hour, I think it's a much better deal to just have it so they can't charge us on parts and labor because we have the warranty (the basic warranty was 3 yrs).

The only other thing that may have been nice was the window tint. But we can get that at a later date if we so desire.

Now then, I'm off to go drive around the neighborhood for another 20 minutes to get my muscle memory to remember where the clutch point is.

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Ross said...

Hey cool, I'm glad they delivered the car as promised! "Blue" seems an appropriate name, though I can already think of a couple of variants :) Have fun training your muscle memory and happy motoring!