Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Yes, we got another letter from the HOA...goddamn unpaid for home owners association. This time, thankfully, it wasn't about our lawn but about the north side of our house. "there is a 'greenish' tinge which may be mold or mildew" No shit. We're working on it. We have been working on it. Do you have any idea how hot it is outside and how I totally don't want to be spending an entire saturday in the heat and humidity spraying, scrubbing and washing the side of my house? The side of my house that is in the back yard mind you. Not even the part that is in the front yard. You know, if we had a 6' privacy fence I question if they even would have noticed the mold/mildew/whatever.

Actually, it just makes me wonder what else they're looking are they stalking us or something? hmm, maybe I ought to start shutting the shades before changing.

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Jon said...

Dear Homeowner,

Recently it was brought to our attention that you several undead persons loitering in your lawn. If you refer to your homeowner's contract, you will see that Zombies are specifically listed as banned pets, along with Pit Bulls, Flying Monkeys and Hydra.

Please remove the Undead from your property so that we do not have a repeat of the unfortunate HOA Board Brain-eating tragedy of 1997.