Monday, March 10, 2008

21 Day Clean House Make-Over

So, it appears to be all the rage at this point in time to start a 21 day make-over challenge. As can be witnessed by The Ambitious Mrs, Jennie Livie, and Janet (of Love is Blonde).

I originally was going to do photo-ma-graphy. (look at me be all learn-ed)

But then. It Rained. So I didn't feel like taking photos. Instead, I cleaned the house. And thus started my 21-day challenge. I am going to clean the house for at least 20 minutes each day, for 21 days. I know it doesn't sound like much, and I think I'm honestly doing it so I don't have to clean on the weekends--or rather, not clean as much. For example: today I did laundry, tidied the living room, put away some stuff in the kitchen, did the dishes from Shawn's grilling last night, AND started dinner. And all before 7pm. Normally the laundry waits until the weekend, the tidying happens maybe 2x a week (though for much longer than 20 minutes), the dishes languish in the sink until we need to use them again, and dinner isn't started until about 730.

And yet it doesn't feel like I did anything.

But I think this is mostly because Shawn has apparently started a 21 day challenge as well: See how much stuff I can put in the living room and kitchen.


janet said...

20 mins sounds so much more reasonable. Maybe I should round down my own plans.

Jennifer said...

I am alllwaaaays telling Brad (the Husband) that it seems like I get one mess cleaned up & then there's 2more. It never looks like I clean (to me anyway). I should probably have added cleaning my house to my list BUUUUT I opted to see if I can do something with the baby weight instead.

Good luck with your challenge! Seems so much easier when there's a goal at hand huh? Too bad there's no bonus at the end...maybe a big ol' margarita could be the prize after 21 days. Janet can at least have wine during her projects - I can't do pilates AND drink something yummy. Cheers!