Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is it bad luck...

If you break a mirror intentionally?

We've been working on remodeling our bathroom for the last year. That's right, you heard me, the last year (OK, not quite--we started at the beginning of May 07, so it's only been ALMOST a year. Here, let me put it in perspective: If I had gotten pregnant the day we started remodeling the bathroom, I would have fully gestated the kid, and then some).

Anyhow, we're almost done, and we have been 'almost done' for about 10 months. All we had to do was replace (or cut to size) the mirror, and replace the shelves. Of course, Shawn's got this whole thing about asking other people to do things for him (aka take the mirror to the mirror cutting place), and I couldn't take it in because the place is only open 8-5 M-F and is up north (about 10 minutes from Shawn's work, about 30 from mine). Thus it was his responsibility to get the mirror cut.

And so, it sat on the floor in our guest bedroom for the last year or so--my sister had to sit on her air mattress and do her hair and makeup when she came and visited in June because there wasn't a mirror in the bathroom.

I finally convinced Shawn that it might be good to, you know, finish the bathroom so we can check it off the list and move on to other things like painting the deck, or cleaning the grime off of the chimney, or replacing the rest of the windows (we already did 3 in 2006, we only have 3 more to go). So he decided we would cut the mirror ourselves. Keep in mind that neither one of us has ever cut glass before. But we still go out to Harbor Freight and get a glass cutter, and then read online about the theory of cutting glass. We set everything up and score the mirror, only to not have any of the extra piece come off. Finally started smacking the hell out of it, and a piece came off, but it also took some of the 'other side' of the score with it. So we re-score. But apparently not good enough because that time when we tried to break off a piece, it cracked the rest of the mirror.

Thus we were screwed as we couldn't use the mirror, but we couldn't just put it out with the trash in its current state so we had to get out the hammer and break it into smithereens to put it in the trash bin.

So, I ask again, will you have 7 years of bad luck if you break a mirror intentionally?

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Jon said...

In this case, you get 7 years of bathroom remodeling.