Sunday, March 09, 2008

Nostalgia Sunday

Welcome to episode two.

Today's episode is about the great American tradition: Drive in Movie-Theaters.

Ah, Drive in Movie Theaters. There was nothing better during the summers of my childhood. There was a Drive In in Cinderella City, about half an hour from our house in Lakewood, and I remember that dad would put the seats down in the back and then we'd drive to Cinderella City (which also housed another great place--Fantastic Nathan's--but that's another entry). The best part about this was that we weren't wearing seat belts, and I made it a game to try to bounce at the right time so when we'd go over bumps in the road, I wouldn't feel it because I'd be in the air. I think I only ever accomplished being in the air while the car went over a bump precisely 1 time.

Of course, going to the drive in requires some prepping. Like you have to make a large bag of popcorn before going since the drive ins don't have silly rules like "no outside food or drink". So, you'd make your popcorn, you'd fill the cooler with sodas (and adult beverages if so inclined), and you'd put the seats down in the back of the van (this, of course, was back when it was a pain in the ass to put the seats down in a van, none of this flip forward into the floor stuff). Of course, had we been older, I'm sure dad wouldn't have put the seats down in the back--the whole point of putting seats down in the back was so Dani and I could go to sleep while watching the movie. Of course, I don't remember mom making through the double feature either...But Dad always did--Gosh Darnit, he paid to see 2 movies and he was GOING to see 2 movies. Him being a night-owl had nothing to do with it, I'm sure.

According to one of the articles I read in our Pedernales Electric magazine said that Drive-ins are making a comeback. As well they should. As I've mentioned before, it's just so fun to go to movies outside during the summer. Besides, I know I'm in the age-group that the drive-ins started disappearing and obviously I have fond memories of it, so why wouldn't I take my (non-existent) kids to it and try to re-live the family bonding experience?


Lon said...

You didn't mention the fact that you pay by the car so the more people you fit in the car, the cheaper it is. We would also always fall asleep before the second movie, but after all snacks were consumed. Ahh, those were the days!

Dani said...

just bring the kitties... they're like your children anyways... short and hairy children--but children nonetheless

Ross said...

We used to go the Admiral Twin back home, though you paid by the head, so on occasion we kids would hide on the floorboard beneath a blanket. Besides saving a few bucks, it kind of added to the mystique of the whole experience. I always intend to go back out there when I'm home in the summertime, but I haven't made it in years.

Jon said...

Unfortunately, the Cinderella Twin ran its last movie last fall, and is soon to be covered in condos.

The drive-in at home is now the equipment yard for the county road crew.