Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nostalgia Sunday

Easter Edition.

Easter was a family affair--though not as concrete as Thanksgiving and Christmas--Easter was the one more like "well, if you're not doing anything and you want to come over, you're more than welcome." So, some years we would have people over, some years we would go to someone else's house, and other years we'd just stay home the four of us.

We always had Easter Baskets, and I now when we were little we'd dye eggs, but I don't remember really doing them as we got older--that is I remember the plastic candy filled eggs for a much longer time than the dyed eggs. We would wake up early to find all the plastic Easter eggs 'hidden' around the house--most of the time they were pretty obvious, I even want to say when we were wee-littln's the trail of eggs would lead to our baskets. We rarely ever had Easter egg hunts outside of the house, but that is because Easter is notoriously cold in Colorado. Anyhow, we would find our respective baskets--some years I would find Dani's and then point her in the right direction, other years I'd pretend I hadn't seen her basket. I'm sure she did the same to me--it usually all depended on which of us found a basket first. I don't remember being allowed to eat the candy before church (though I'm sure we were probably allowed one piece). So we'd find our baskets, we'd ooh and aah over them, then we'd get dressed in our invariably new dresses and shoes and then go off to church. We'd come back and immediately take a self portrait picture of all of us sitting on the stairs in our Easter finest. (picture below from when I was in college--Dani couldn't make it home for the holiday--this was one of the years where it was just us)

Then the cooking would start. If we had family coming over we'd usually have spiral cut ham with green bean casserole, dinner rolls, and mashed potatoes...actually, that's about what we would have if the family wasn't coming over too. If we were lucky, someone would make deviled eggs and mom would make the bunny cake (2-9" round cakes where one was cut to look like a bow tie, the extra pieces then get used as the bunny ears). We'd use black jelly beans for eyes, a pink one for the nose, licorice strings for the mouth and whiskers. Jelly beans would be used as polka dots on the bow tie and then mom would sprinkle coconut on the face of the rabbit to look like fur. She wasn't allowed to do the tie or the ears since dad and I hate coconut. (see below...that isn't anyone I know...just the cake is the exact thing we would make)

Ah yes, Easter...makes me want to go make a cake right about now...

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