Thursday, March 27, 2008

AWWW! CatShit!

So we went hiking on Easter. When we came back, we walked in the house and I thought "hmm, smells like IV didn't cover her poop again."

Then Shawn walked down the hall. And somehow managed to step on the piece of poop that invariably was caught on some cat's butt, and that's why it wasn't in its proper place of the litter box. Anyhow, he then continues to walk into the bedroom because he still hasn't realized he has stepped in cat poop.

When I walk down the hall a short time later, I asked why he hadn't cleaned up the poop if he had obviously stepped in it. And that was when he realized he had stepped in cat poop and had been trailing it around the house for the last 3 minutes.

So I set about cleaning up the floor as he ranted about "this is why we don't have kids! because they would poop on the floor!"

To which my very sane response was "yes, but unlike cats, once kids reach a certain age, you're at least fairly guaranteed that they aren't just going to just drop trou and poop on the floor."

Besides, I think the bigger problem would obviously be that Shawn would somehow manage to step in said poop and then traipse it around the house and not even know.

I think I should have his brain checked because seriously, how could you NOT SMELL CAT POOP?


Lon said...

I can proudly say that even though Vanessa is not potty trained, I have never stepped in a pile of her shit. As a matter of fact, I she has never done her business on the floor either. Face it Shawn, kids are easier than cats!

Dani said...

That Shawn of yours is a character :)

Jennifer said...

Yeah, um, I hope my kidlet doesn't ever poop on the floor. Now the cat...inevitably there are the occassional turds that just don't want to let go but choose to jump ship in the worse spots. Glad I'm not the only one who has this problem...I think after reading Janet's post about her peeping kitties... I'm definately not the only one.