Sunday, April 20, 2008

My new Toy

I bought myself a toy today. It is the Braun Epil X'elle.

Only I would buy myself a medieval torture device and think it is the best thing on earth.

Granted, when I got home, Shawn was the one that got it out of the box and went about reading all the directions and warnings and what have you. In fact, I didn't even have to read anything that came with it because he told me what each piece was and what I was supposed to do and whatnot. He even went and plugged it into the outlet in the bathroom for me. (He says it was because he wanted to see how fast the little tweezers moved). Of course, he stood there looking at me expectantly, until I finally said, "fine, I'll rip the hair out of my legs NOW so you can find out if it hurts."

"hey, better you than've at least been prepping for this."

"yeah, I don't know if waxing my legs is necessarily 'prepping' for epilating. I think if anything epilating would be prepping for waxing...but of course, epilating requires you to make a couple of passes whereas waxing expressly forbids it..." :::BZZZZZZZZ::: "meh...I could see how some would say this hurts."

"So it hurts?"

"no, I wouldn't say that. I just said I COULD see why someone would say it hurts. For example: You would say it hurts."

"would not."

"Prove it."

But alas, I could not get him to rip the hair out of any part of his body. It's all for science, I swear!


Jon said...

You'd better have a spare unit on hand if the Little Monkey sticks it to any part of his body!

dani said...

you two are totally silly. I can't see anyone having that type of talk except the two of you.

Brad said...

Shawn you sissy. I know you got hobbit feet...take it for a drive.

And we all want before/after pics too.