Saturday, April 26, 2008

Quazi = Guard Cat (round 2)

So a couple weeks ago, Quazi growled at the guy who was walking around our neighbor's house at 11pm.

Today he was sitting on the couch between Shawn and me while we watched World Trade Center. It was about 8pm and the doorbell rang. He started growling. Shawn answered the door to find a couple of the LDS girls on a mission (the same one the boys do--they go door to door in a neighborhood and proselytize).

That's right, our cat growled at the Mormons.

Actually, it's kinda cute--it's like he knows that when it's dark out, people aren't supposed to be around the house.


Dani said...

Try looking at my blog again I set it to private last night and re-set it today.

Jon said...

Probably, the cat just knows that Mormons are NEVER supposed to be around the house.