Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Amazing Race: Fantasy Edition

First off, I looked it up "Chyron" is indeed the correct term for the little doohickeys under the people's names. (Okay, so really Chyron is a reference to the bottom third of your television screen, and anything that is shown on screen qualifies--so all those annoying "Watch the Olympics in 10 minutes!" or other such things also count as a Chyron. But my point is the part that says "Nicole and Tara, Best Friends" is a Chyron...unless you're from England, then it's an Aston)

But, secondly, Pam, Baking Goddess Extraordinaire and I are obviously going through Amazing Race withdrawl (good thing it's starting again soon). Us going through withdrawl has manifested itself in us creating our own fantasy edition.

Sigh...yeah, it really needs to air again soon.

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